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Virus Removal

Windows and MAC computers are being bombarded by thousands of brand new viruses and malware strains DAILY. Luckily, we specialize in cleaning systems professionally using industry-grade disinfection tools.

The free antivirus tools on the market just don’t cut it anymore. Record numbers of machines, both MAC and Windows systems, are coming into our office for cleaning. If you’ve already been infected, you can trust our experience in dealing with the nastiest worms, trojans, viruses, and other malware. Not only can we clean your existing machine, but we can recommend quality antivirus software that will keep you protected for the long run.

Viruses don’t stand a chance with us. Here’s why to choose PC Simple UK for your virus removal needs:


We only recommend quality antivirus software.

Don’t trust those that say the free programs are as good as the paid ones. It just isn’t true. We can protect your machine with the best software on the market based on our professional experience across thousands of systems already worked on.


A 95%+ virus cleaning success rate.

Curious why the big box stores always push for complete Windows or MAC OS reinstallation after infection? It’s simple: they don’t have the expertise to properly disinfect systems, so they rely on the easy way out. We have been removing infections for years and can spot even the hardest to find viruses and malware.


The right equipment to get the job done.

We have access to the best cleaning tools, bench hardware, and other tools needed to get your computer cleaned the proper way. Our company has invested in various technologies over many years that has led to a perfected approach to virus cleaning that has a very high success rate.


Residential and commercial virus removal experience.

From badly infected home PCs, to offices that were brought to a crawl by nasty commercial malware, we have experience in a wide range of infections. No infection is too large or small for us to tackle properly and effectively.


Free phone consultation for any suspected infection.

Think you’ve got an infection? Give us a call. We can give you our best estimate as to what a cleaning will cost, or even initiate a remote support session to get a cleaning started right away if you wish.


Remote support capable, as needed.

Sometimes it just makes more sense to do a remote support session to have a look at your machine. In cases of light infection, we can even generally complete the entire repair remotely. For customers that are further away, this saves on travel time and hassle for both sides.


Want to get your system cleaned the right way? Reach out to a professionals today on 01372 726290 or email us to setup a further consultation.

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